8/28(日) BJAFA夏祭り@プロスペクト・パーク

Japanese Summer Festival at Prospect Park, Sunday August 28





  • 当日はチケット制となっております。受付時にお食事チケット(1人1枚)と出店チケット(子供一人につき5枚)をお受けとりください。
  • お食事チケットは、お食事プレート(焼きそば、からあげ、ボテダサラダ)と交換できます(お一人様一皿)。会場にはそれ以外に食事の用意はございませんので必要に応じてご持参ください。
  • また飲み物と敷物の用意はございませんので必ずご持参ください。
  • 出店チケットは、5つの出店(ヨーヨー、当てくじ、金魚すくい、手作りうちわ作り、なげわ)でご利用になれます。
  • 浴衣や甚平などの和装でご参加された方には出店チケットを1枚プレゼントいたします!

日時:8月28日(日) 午前11時~午後1時半頃

11:00 受付開始
11:30 出店タイム
12:30 スイカ割り&盆踊り
1:30    終了

Prospect Park West @ 5th St の入口から入りピクニックハウス北側周辺。





お問合せ:夏祭り実行委員会  event@bjafa.org




English Information

Our Summer Festival is back again this year!

Fun-filled booths offering shaved ice, water balloon (yo-yo) fishing, Japanese fun craft activity, goldfish scooping and lasso as well as a mini bonodori dance await you alongside a light lunch plate.

Show up in your yukata and jinbeis to catch the Japanese Summer Festival vibe with us in Brooklyn!

When: August 28, Sunday from 11pm~1:30PM

Where: Prospect Park, North lawn by the Picnic House(*Updated!)

Enter from the entrance at Prospect Park West @5th Street and cross the bicycle/runner path and head toward north of the Picnic House area.

*There is a chance that the event location may change due to unforeseen circumstance. We will be sure to email you the information about the new location if a change becomes necessary.

Registration: Starts August 1st

Admission: SOLD OUT! Thank you!

What to Bring: Yukata, jinbei, picnic mat, baby food(if necessary), drinks for both adults and children.

Sponsor: BJAFA (Brooklyn Japanese American Family Association)

Contact: Summer Festival Committee, event@bjafa.org

Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather, a decision to cancel the event will be made by 8am on the day of the event and an email will be sent to all registered persons. We will also post information on this page as well as on Facebook.

If and when the event is cancelled, all registration fees collected will be credited to you via a promotion code which you will be able to use for a future BJAFA event. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

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