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  • Making a Paypal donation to BJAFA is a great way to support our fundraising effort.  Every dollar you donate goes to produce Japanese cultural programs to educate, enrich and inspire our growing community in Brooklyn, New York! We greatly appreciate any donation you are able to make to support our mission.

    Arigato gozaimasu!

    With hearts full of gratitude,

    BJAFA Fundraising Committee

  • BJAFAは米国公認の非営利団体 (501(c)(3) organaization)であるため寄付金は課税控除の対象となります。領収書が必要な場合はご連絡下さい。また一定額以上のご寄付をいただいた企業、個人のお名前は、BJAFAのホームペー ジに掲載させて頂きます。


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